Leica M Monochrome Review Roundup


Here’s a list of my favourite reviews so far on the Leica M Monochrom.

Ming Thein has a great review going on his blog. His impressions of the camera come from real, daily use and is accompanied by some truly inspiring images. Check it out HERE

Luminous Landscapes also has a great review, but with fewer images from the camera. They do have a decent explanation of the mechanical differences between the Monochrome and the M9. Check it out HERE.

Slack.co.uk has a short review, check it out HERE.

Techradar.com has a review up as well, check it out HERE.

Eric Kim’s review is HERE. There’s plenty of images, mostly of his usual semi-random “street photography” style (not a fan).

Photo This & That has a short review in a studio environment, not where you’d usually think to find a Leica M, but it’s definitely very worthwhile to visit HERE.

And finally, from one of my favourite reviewers, Chris Nicholls of The Camera Store,  we have a video review… though I could have done without the black and white treatment to the video…


Hopefully more reviews and opinions from working photographers will surface soon… damn I want one.


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